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Beit Chatam

1-A Shkolnik St. 

ChaTaM = Chug leTorah uMachsheves

Beit Chatam was founded by a group of Kollelniks in 5743 (1983) . The founders felt that Rechovot's large and growing English speaking community was in need of Torah advancement. Torah lectures and Shiurim in English were organized and with the passage of time, under the leadership of Rav David Stein, Chatam developed into a full fledged community of approximately 80 families, complete with a Rabbinical Board, Shul Board and Ladies' committee.

Our goals in Eretz Yisroel include advancement in Torah learning and observance, physical and spiritual absorption of new Olim, and Chessed and Tzedaka. To meet these goals, we have an extensive learning program which services the greater Rechovot area, daily and Shabbos services, a well stocked English book and tape lending library, a Chessed committee, and an Aliyah/Klita committee.

In 5759, we opened a unique Talmud Torah.

Rosh Hashono 5756 (1995) saw us in the first floor of our new Shul. In 5762 (2002) we completed the second floor (which includes a lecture hall, classrooms, and library). There are still unfinished items in the first floor. The Shul building and lecture hall do not have "names" yet. In addition to the possibility of dedicating the Shul building and the second floor lecture halls, a few items in the main Shul may be dedicated. All donations are U.S.A. and Israel tax deductible.

Next time you're in Israel, come visit us (and until then, see our photo gallery). Send us eMail to arrange spending a Shabbos with us. We can help you plan your Aliyah too.

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