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Suggested menu for kiddush at Beit Chatam

Quantities listed below are for approximately 200 people.


Extra kids food


*Colored Serviettes
*30 Plastic table cloths
*500 cups
*5 big garbage
*100 big Plates
30 kugel plates.

*100 small plates if Kugel is not served
*300 small plates if Kugel is served
*400 Forks
*4 packets of Toothpicks



5kg Herring – white or red or both. Contact R. Becker to cut the herring.
Optional: Tomatoes and onions.

10 packets of Bamba

(BIG packets)

4x750gm Boxes of Assorted Crackers

2x750gm packets of Smilies Biscuits

350 - 400 portions of cake;
or whole cakes to be cut.

2 kg. Wafers

2-3 Soft drinks per table acc. to the weather – buy some Diet soft drinks and mineral water

Summer option –Shlookim


Additional items

Egg salad or
Tuna salad – speak to Lee or
R. Marcus

*Open all boxes, bottles, etc. BEFORE Shabbat

  2 Big tin (1kg) of pickles

Nushnashim” or other Nush food (eg Bisli)

Grape juice
*Check if there is a kiddush cup


1.    Speak to the Chatam treasurer regarding payment.

2.    Book the hall through Dina Belfer.

3.    Arrange with Dov Kurz lights and air conditioner.

Fri, 13 December 2019 15 Kislev 5780