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Suggested menu for kiddush at Beit Chatam

Quantities listed below are for approximately 200 people.


Extra kids food


*Colored Serviettes
*30 Plastic table cloths
*500 cups
*5 big garbage
*100 big Plates
30 kugel plates.

*100 small plates if Kugel is not served
*300 small plates if Kugel is served
*400 Forks
*4 packets of Toothpicks



5kg Herring – white or red or both. Contact R. Becker to cut the herring.
Optional: Tomatoes and onions.

10 packets of Bamba

(BIG packets)

4x750gm Boxes of Assorted Crackers

2x750gm packets of Smilies Biscuits

350 - 400 portions of cake;
or whole cakes to be cut.

2 kg. Wafers

2-3 Soft drinks per table acc. to the weather – buy some Diet soft drinks and mineral water

Summer option –Shlookim


Additional items

Egg salad or
Tuna salad – speak to Lee or
R. Marcus

*Open all boxes, bottles, etc. BEFORE Shabbat

  2 Big tin (1kg) of pickles

Nushnashim” or other Nush food (eg Bisli)

Grape juice
*Check if there is a kiddush cup


1.    Speak to the Chatam treasurer regarding payment.

2.    Book the hall through Dina Belfer.

3.    Arrange with Dov Kurz lights and air conditioner.

Thu, 28 May 2020 5 Sivan 5780