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Virtual Chatam

"לא ניתנו בידוד לישראל אלא כדי שיעסקו בתורה"



Night Seder

Recurring Shiurim

Buddy System

Money Gemach

To attend a shiur, click on the zoom meeting number, or open up zoom and enter the meeting number manually.

You can also dial 0553301762. When promoted for the meeting number, enter the appropriate number, and then enter # to enter anonymously


Last Updated April 27th, 5:30am

I am pleased to announce that our Thursday night chabura program is back! As we will not be meeting together in shul, everyone is invited to prepare their own cholent and beer and share with us via zoom. This week we will hear from our very own Eli Julian on the topic of "Minyanim and Zoom". We will send out sources ahead of the chabura, and the chabura itself will take place on Thursday night at 9:30 via Zoom. 

The chabura will be in L'Iliu Nishmas Eli's Father, Sinia Meir Ben Moshe, and l'havdil for Refua Sheleim for R' Tzvi Chaim ben Helina Sheina Reisman among all the others who are sick with the coronavirus. R' Tzvi Reisman is the founder and patron of which has been the inspiration for these Thursday night chaburas. We hope and pray that the zechus of our learning together should help him have a refua sheleima.

If you are interested in giving a chabura, please check out the topics available on, and be in touch with  @Yosef Ashenberg.


The Mishlei shiur now goes from 8:05 to 8:50

Reminder: ותן ברכה and מוריד הטל

Please pray for the refuah shleyma of Raizel Rivka bas Leah Osnat (Sandra Moshonov) who is currently recovering after a bad head injury.

Shacharis is back to 6:30

If anyone homebound is need of assistance with shopping or errands , please reach out to Kim Mizrachi ( to take part in our wonderful “buddies” Gemach.

If you or someone you know in the Kehilla is in need of fiscal assistance during this difficult time please reach out to one of our Rabbonim. All inquires will dealt with the utmost discretion.


Note: tefillah will take place outside chatam, while keeping a distance of 2 meters. All attendees must where masks. It will also be "zoomed"

Shacharis 6:30AM (daf yomi at 5:30)

Mincha 1:20PM

Maariv 9:00PM

Zoom: 914-347-699

Night Seder

Chavrutot learn together with zoom, and then join the "main" channel at 8:45 to quickly discuss he'arot on the sugya.

If you need a chavruta, please be in touch with Rabbi Ashenberg.

We are currently learning daf 14 in masechta Beitza.

The main channel is 904-144-452

Recurring Shiurim

NOTE changes in announcement section to shiurim schedule 

Daf Yomi

Rav Stein, one hour before shacharis (5:30)

Zoom: 914-347-699


Dr. Moshe Kasser

Daily at 8:00PM

 932 696 8279

Daily Halacha Shiur

Shiur in Mishnah Berura currently in אורח חיים סימן תנב הגלעת כלים

Rabbi Stein

Daily at 10:00AM

914 347 699 

Sugyos B'iyun

An interactive limud b'chabura with Mareh Mekomos from Gemara, Rishonim, all the way to Halacha L'Maaseh.

Rabbi Stein

Sunday through Thursday at 1130am-1230pm

914 347 699 

Shearim Btefillah

Rebbetzin Ashenberg

Sundays at 10:00AM


Women’s Shiur

Rabbi Ashenberg

Sundays at 8PM


Emuna U’Vitachon

Rebbetzin Stein

Tuesdays 8:30PM


Parshat Hashavua

Penina Gilbert

Thursdays 8:45PM


Mesillas Yesharim

Rebbetzin Ashenberg

Mondays at 8:30PM



Rabbi Stein

Sundays at 8:05PM


Buddy system For homebound friends

With the bracha of both Rav Stein and Rav Ashenberg I am setting up a buddy system to help those families of our community who are home-bound due to age, pre-existing medical conditions or short-term quarantine. 

The idea of the buddy system is that each home-bound person/family will have a buddy who is not home-bound. The buddy will be available to run small errands when they go to the supermarket, other store, pharmacy, etc. for their own family and to help with larger grocery shopping (both for Pesach and after). The larger shopping will be done either by helping place an order online or by a trip to the store. 

*Anyone who is home bound and needs help, please respond to me with your name, phone number and address.

*Anyone who would be willing to be a buddy, please respond to me with your name, phone number and address.

Once I buddy families I will send out guidelines to all parties that should be followed to keep everyone safe. 

It is never too late to sign up. If you need a buddy please contact me.

Besorot Tovot,

Kim Mizrachi


Money Gemach

The Chatam gmach can give loans of 5000 shekels for 5 months to members of Chatam(payback 5 checks of 1000 a month). Aravem can sign via email. If you would like to take a loan please contact Dov Becker 08 9491926’

Wed, 5 August 2020 15 Av 5780